The SM Renaissance has begun and CXA International is preparing some of the finest examples ever seen.

Celebrating the SM!


It’s not just our business; It’s our passion. At CXA, our life’s work has been a single-minded dedication to the appreciation, support, promotion and preservation of Citroën vehicles.

Our goal at CXA is to be the most comprehensive resource in America for a full range of servies related specifically to the classic hydropneumatic equipped Citroën models of the 1950’s-1990’s, primarily the DS, SM, and CX; and to a lesser extent the GS/GSA, BX, amd XM models too.

Our full range of services includes technical support, sales of new, used and reconditioned parts, restoration services, vehicle sales, domestic and international vehicle shipping and transportation, and appraisal and valuation consultation.

We’re proud to use this website to share our unrivaled knowledge of these fine automobiles, offer many hard to find parts for sale, and to display the results of several recent restoration projects. Although our website is new we are working diligently to build the site in order to share technology, showcase some of our restoration work, and offer parts for sale. Please stay tuned as the site construction is currently underway.